Our Story

We craft brilliantly engineered instruments that are within reach to anyone.

Swan Song Guitars was founded in 2004 by Nelson Joyce, a luthier in Rimrock, Arizona. Nelson's passion for building bass guitars stretches back way before 2004. Nelson got his first guitar when he was 12 years old - it was a Silvertone. He liked to play it, but he loved to take it apart. So when he first put the Silvertone back together, he realized he wanted to improve it; and that's when his love of building started.

That passion for taking an idea that was in his head and turning it into a reality is why Nelson started Swan Song Guitars. He has been playing with the formula for the perfect bass for over ten years. With each rebuild, the end result gets better and better. All the pieces came together and the sound that was in his head started coming out of the speakers.

My love of the creative process and its outcome were my motivation for starting Swan Song Guitars.

— Nelson Joyce, Luthier & Founder of Swan Song Guitars

When you buy a Swan Song Guitar, you get a finely crafted instrument made just for you. Now that Nelson has the bass he always wanted, he wants to share it with you.

There's a Swan Song Bass for Everyone.

With four distinct models and an endless array of custom options available, there is a Swan Song guitar for everyone. Our electric bass guitars are light-weight and highly versatile, so whether you are a new player or a seasoned professional playing the blues, classic rock, or jazz - a Swan Song guitar is going to give you the sound you are looking for.

4 Directions - Our Flagship Instrument, this is the one bass that can do it all.
32 Special - It's shorter scale gives it a very comfortable feel.
Lightning Bolt - Unlimited options make this the bass for dreamers.
Ronan - A minimalist approach to help to keep the price a bit lower.

Request a Custom Quote - Take any of our four models to the next level by customizing it specifically for your tastes.

Our bass guitars are affordable without sacrificing quality.

Our overhead is low so we are able to keep our prices reasonable. We incorporate the great minds of the industry to produce a brilliantly engineered instrument at a price that is within reach to most players.

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