Our Process

Wondering how we make our guitars? We'd love to show you.

When you buy a Swan Song Guitar, you get a finely crafted instrument made just for you.

Depending on the guitar, the process of making a Swan Song Bass Guitar takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month from start to finish. Let us show you a little bit of what goes into the process of making a Swan Song Guitar.

Step 1: Selecting the Wood

Not just any wood will do. We get most of the wood we use right here in Arizona. We tend to steer toward the good native hardwoods, like Ash and Walnut. We select the wood based on how your instrument should sound. So for example, if you're looking for a funk guitar, we might go with an Ash. The sound of any bass is only as good as the wood used to make it and we are very selective about the wood we choose for every individual Swan Song Bass Guitar that we make.

Step 2: Rough Milling the Wood

Once we've selected the wood, we begin rough-milling the wood to get it into the basic shape that you want. This is when your guitar starts to take a shape (and life) of it's own.

Step 3: Glue-Up

Basically, this is when we start turning the wood into bodies and necks.

Step 4: Shaping the Wood

Next, we begin the more detailed process of shaping the wood. We usually do this by hand, but for some really custom Swan Song Bass Guitars, we rent time on a CNC machine to get the shape perfect.

Step 5: Routing

At this point, we begin drilling the holes and routing for pickups and electronics. It's starting to become real now!

Step 6: Paint Prep & Buffing

This step takes a while. Basically, we sand every square inch of the piece for a really long time. Then we sand it some more! We use a hand-sander for some of the work and do the more detailed sanding and buffing by hand.

Step 7: Paint

Painting consists of matching up and choosing the color based on what was requested, painting the piece, and letting it dry. Thanks to some pretty high-tech painting equipment we use, the process of painting and drying can usually be done in about a day.

Step 8: Final Assembly, Set-up, & Shipping

Finally, we assemble that bad boy, put it in a case, prepare it for shipping, and hand it over to UPS to deliver to you.

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